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Freshen - Chicken

An initiative by Srinivasa Farms

Fresh, Nutritious, Tender Chicken from our Farm to your Home!

What’s special about us?

  • Srinivasa is a leader in Poultry products, known for unparalleled quality since 1965.
  • Ross, Internationally acclaimed Broiler Chicken breed, known to yield the best meat that is tender and juicy.
  • Our farms have the best environment and biosecurity with bird care to ensure they are nurtured and treated well with the right mix of nutrients in their feed.
  • The best of hygiene and safety is followed right from the farms where the birds are raised till the meat is processed at our state-of -the-art plant.
  • The chicken is processed in strict adherence to Halal requirement and other food safety certifications such as FSSAI, FSSC, HACCP and more.
  • Our end to end value chain ensures the freshness, tenderness and taste of the chicken are intact.
  • We are committed to delivering high quality and healthy products and maintain consistency as our main focus is you as a customer, we take pride in your delight!

To facilitate the ease of shopping and to ensure a wider reach, Freshen products are also being sold directly in communities / apartments. 
For Details contact us on: +91 89789 98307

Treat yourself to chicken that has been treated well

Here's few of our chicken products/ cuts

We have  a various chicken meat products, To know more click the link below 

Freshen Eggs


From birds fed on a rich, nutritious diet.
Nothing is better than fresh farm eggs. It is free from antibiotics and hormones and enriched with multi-vitamins.