About Srinivasa

The History

Hatching Bold Dreams.

SINCE 1965

The origin of Srinivasa Farms dates back to 1965. We have been a brand leader in the Indian Poultry industry since five decades. With a strong foundation based on a powerful vision and extraordinary leadership, combined with an uncompromising focus on technological excellence and proven operational efficiency, we are also a preferred and trusted partner among our stakeholders, who include farmers, entrepreneurs, scientists & experts, investors, corporations, customers & employees and strategic partners.

At Srinivasa, we are passionate about food. We believe food is more than just an experience. It’s a vehicle for good health and nourishment. Our Purpose is to Provide Quality and Affordable Nutrition and it defines our existence.

Our areas of operations include Poultry Production, Poultry Breeding, Animal Feed Production, Agriculture, Goat Breeding and Food Retailing. We have a diverse portfolio of products and services. Currently, Srinivasa is present in 12 states across India and is rapidly expanding. 


Our diversity is our strength.

A Pioneer and a business leader, having presence across multiple sectors 

The Intro

Hatching New Possibilities

Srinivasa Farms Pvt Limited is driven by Technical Excellence in Bird Management. Srinivasa excels in all core aspects of the poultry business ranging from flock management to feed formulations and has a proven track record in distribution, market strategy and building scale.

Over the years, Srinivasa Farms has become a leading Poultry Breeding company in the country and has earned a reputation of being a pioneer in adopting & setting international standards of quality, hygiene and efficiency in this industry.

We are one of the largest producers of layer birds in India. Our methods and practices have not only enabled production of several egg variants but also increased production of table eggs, thereby contributing to putting India on the map as the third largest producer of table eggs in the world.

In recent years, Srinivasa Farms has invented unique possibilities by creating opportunities for small-scale agriculturists to comprehend the full scope and potential of this business and empowered illiterate farmers to benefit from the latest technologies & trends, through knowledge transfer.