Broiler Integration

Broiler Integration

Broiler Integration


More than 90% of all chickens raised for meat (broilers) are raised by contract farmers. This independent farmer contract structure is credited with not only saving farming operations in what once was a struggling industry, but has actually helped farms thrive.  The integration of the chicken industry and a performance-based structure has saved the industry well over $1 trillion since 1980.

Srinivasa Farms has always recognized, collaborated and relied on its relationships with farming communities and stood for the economic viability and independence of family farms. Currently we actively engage with and support contract farmers by mitigating economic risk by up to 97% and through technology and knowledge transfer.  

We provide our contract farmers the chickens, the feed, veterinarian care and technical advice, while our poultry farmer provides the day-to-day care of the birds, land and housing on which they’re raised. Farmers are paid based on their performance in raising the healthiest chickens, as per the guidelines in our contract, which also strictly prohibit the use of added hormones and steroids.

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This highly successful business model has helped us create lasting collaborations and we are actively joining hands with many more entrepreneurs and farmers, through our franchisee models.

Contact Dr. Kiran +91 91547 12749 if you are a trader, supplier or farmer interested in setting up business and realizing success.

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