Our Partnerships

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Our Partnerships


At Srinivasa Farms we believe in partnerships that inspire. The best partnerships happen through shared values and a shared commitment to the best outcomes. We have been working with independent poultry farmers for decades. The people who work with those who care about the animals entrusted to their care. For most; it’s a labor of love.

Our quality protein begins right here. We’re fortunate to have partners who share our commitment for providing healthy chicken, that have been treated properly and raised with modern, proven animal care practices.

These farmers join us in acting as responsible wardens of the animals, land, and environment entrusted to us. We depend on them every day. We supply the birds, feed and technical advice, while the farmers care for the chickens by providing the farm, housing and labor. 

Great product starts with great suppliers.
We work with a wide range of suppliers and partners devoted to promising that our customers are operating in responsible and sustainable ways. We also work meticulously to support our varied supplier owners and have significantly increased our spending with minority-owned businesses.