Broiler Breeder

Broiler Breeder

Broiler Breeder

With continued focus on Research and Development, new technologies and a commitment to offer the widest range of products to meet customer needs, Srinivasa Farms is well known for some of the best broiler breeding stock, hatching eggs and day-old chicks that produces nutritious, top quality chicken meat.

Our products range from fast growing and cost efficient broilers to high value specialty (Premium) chickens.

The Indian Poultry market continues to grow at a considerable rate.  Affordability, nutritional advantages, adaptability to various cuisines, encouraging rural demand and socio-economic situations have contributed to the rise in chicken consumption in the country.  As domestic demand for broiler meat and eggs continues to grow, the Indian poultry industry is expected to see multifold growth. This trend clearly indicates a sustained if not a rising growth trajectory for Srinivasa Farms as well and we are fully equipped to meet the growing needs of the market.

Srinivasa Ross 308 AP 95

Srinivasa Ross 308 AP95, offers excellent live broiler and processing performance, has balanced range of characteristics, this approach ensures that the birds are capable of performing to the highest standards in a wide variety of environments. 

Characteristics of commercial importance such as growth rate, feed conversion ratio (FCR), livability, and meat yield are consistently improved. Srinivasa Ross 308 AP95 benefits the market with low-cost production, combined with robustness and excellent uniformity.

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