Benefits of egg

Eggs – A good nutrition for all

Eggs – A good nutrition for all

Is your refrigerator stocked with every imaginable type of packaged food, soft drink and confectioneries? But none of these satisfies your appetite or hunger pangs. Well, why not include eggs as a snack, the next you want something to eat. These neatly packaged powerhouses of protein, vitamins and minerals, gifted to us by Mother Nature herself, are sure to make us crave for more.

Eggs have proven their worth to us human beings across all age groups. From infancy to adulthood, eggs have some very unique nutritional benefits to offer. They can make all the difference between a physically active lifestyle and an unhealthy, lethargic one.

Eggs and Infants

Eggs are the next best thing for an infant, after mother’s milk. Eggs contain multiple vital nutrients that help in the growth and development of a baby’s fragile bones and limbs. These nutrients are Copper, Zinc, Selenium, Calcium, Iron, Proteins, Cholesterol, Fat, Fatty Acids, Vitamins D, B12, E, Choline and Folate, You might wonder if any other food on our planet can beat this wealth of nutritional power. These nutrients are divided between the egg white and the egg yolk, with the white being more protein rich than its yellowy counterpart.

So, what does one egg have in store for your infant? Here are some noteworthy health benefits of the unassuming egg.

  • Builds a strong immune system
  • Assists cell production and regeneration
  • Assists brain and bone development
  • Protects from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun
  • Aids sharp and focused vision
  • Improves functioning of the heart and liver


Eggs and Teens

Teens value their self-image, perhaps more than anything else in the world! How many hours have your own adolescents spent before the mirror, wondering if they look perfect or not? So, why not help them create the best image of themselves by including eggs into their morning meals? Just ONE egg along with cereals and milk for breakfast, will do wonders in improving and maintaining their activity levels throughout the day. Whether on the play field or in the classroom, eggs can infuse enough energy into their body systems to make them winners in sports and academics both. Eggs will also keep them fit, lean, and healthy as they step into adulthood a few years down the line. No packaged food, drink, or snack can offer such a multitude of health benefits anywhere in the world!

Eggs and Adults

If you have thrived on eggs as a child, then the bond will continue to deepen and strengthen even into adulthood. Several micro and trace nutrients that adults need, such as folate and choline, are found only in eggs! Eggs supply endless levels of extremely essential HDL or ‘good’ cholesterol, which regulates blood supply and significantly prevents heart diseases,

So, when there is so much you can gain by eating eggs, why look anywhere else for nourishment? Eggs can be fed to infants, teens, adults and seniors every single day, with a maximum of ONE egg per day only for infants. Since, eggs are packed with exorbitant amounts of energy and good health, it can be safely said that these natural foods are crucial to the well-balanced development of you and your family. Whether you want to develop good eating patterns in your adolescent, or give the elders in your home enough energy to make it through the day, eggs are sure to fulfil their nutritional requirements. Because, after all, what you eat is what you are!