Core of Egg farming

It’s not surprising that being an egg farmer requires many skills. Depending on the day, they might be a mechanic in the morning, a crop specialist in the afternoon and an accountant at night. But one thing remains consistent throughout their days, and that is their ongoing role as an animal care specialist.

Every job they do, every piece of equipment they fix, or they feed the hens, is all done to help maintain one very important element on their farms – the high standards each one of Srinivasa’s farmers have what it comes to the care of their hens.

Egg farmers take great pride in the care they provide to their hens and although they are required to adhere to strict animal care programs, the plain fact is a healthy hen makes a quality egg, and that makes a happy farmer.

“Egg farming is all about providing the best care for our birds – it’s the focus of everything we do.” says egg farmer Pathuri Venkat Rao.

The most important part of an egg farmers day is walking through their shed, checking the health of their hens, monitoring things like feed and water consumption and sheds temperature. Even when they are sleeping, monitors within the shed will alerts via alarms sound going on if something isn’t as it should be.

As egg farmer Pathuri Venkat Rao says, “We believe that a well-cared for hen will give back to the farmer. If the farmer provides the best possible environment for the hen, the hen will give back the best possible egg.” Just like the egg itself; it’s uncomplicated.