Charter, Values and Mission

Charter, Values and Mission

Srinivasa Charter

We are a business house empowering communities in achieving food security.
Our experience in the poultry sector dates back to 1965. As a trusted and reliable partner to all stakeholders, we are committed to our customers getting value and being delighted to do business with us.
Our purpose is to provide quality and affordable nutrition

Our Core Values:
– Living our word
Excellence – Setting the benchmarks of quality, service and operations
Innovation – Inventing ideas that create the future
Collaboration – Listening, acknowledging contribution, being sensitive and partnering with our
stakeholders to achieve success.
Social Responsibility – This is our world, we care for it and nurture it.
Leadership, inspiration and positive change – The courage to lead from the front and realize the future

This is who we are.
This is what you can count on.

Being an unwavering stand for who we are, honoring and expressing our purpose.
Making real the bold new future.

Srinivasa Way

Leaving people with an experience of being taken care of:
– Being Delighted
– We are being a ‘Shareholder’
– Being Complete

Being Delighted
– Happy
– Satisfied
– Cordial
– Enthusiastic
– We were helpful, supported
– Wow

We are being a ‘Shareholder’
– Interested in long term relationships
– Trustworthy
– Ease of doing business

Being Complete
– Straight forward communication 
– We talk the talk and walk the walk 
– Being listened to